Ancient Buddhist Texts

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This website has 4 main sections:

Original Texts and Studies

Texts and Translations

Texts in English Only

Grammar and Prosody

there are also

Reference Materials

Maps of Ancient Buddhist India

Audio Readings of Selected Texts


Important Changes and Documents Released During 2015:


Important Changes:

March: redesigned the site to make it more tablet and mobile friendly.

June: amalgamated the grammar and prosody texts, and renamed the section.

August: Added an always-available navigation drawer on the top right, which contains the main links.


mp3 Audio Files:

The Stories about the Foremost Elder Nuns, March, 2015


Texts and Translations:

The Stories about the Foremost Elder Nuns (AN & AA 8.51-53), March, 2015


English Texts:

The Stories about the Foremost Elder Nuns, March, 2015

Buddhist Legends
300 Stories from the Dhammapada Commentary (Dhp-A), August, 2015


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