Arahat Saṅghamittā's Story
(from Extended Mahāvaṁsa V, XV, XVIII-XX)

edited by
G. P. Malalasekera
(1937 / 2481)

translated by
Ānandajoti Bhikkhu
(July, 2012 / 2556)



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Html Table of Contents


from Chapter V. The Third Recital

[Saṅghamittā's Birth]

[The Going-Forth of Saṅghamittā's Uncle and Husband]

[Building the 84,000 Monasteries]

[The Going-Forth of Mahinda and Saṅghamittā]


from Chapter XV. The Acceptance of the Great Monastery

[The Great Cloud Monastery and Queen Anulā]


from Chapter XVIII. The Acquisition of the Great Wisdom Tree

[Requesting Ven. Saṅghamittā and the Bodhi Tree]

[Festivities for the Bodhi Tree]


from Chapter XIX. The Journey of the Great Bodhi Tree

[Ven. Saṅghamittā and the Bodhi Tree set out for Laṅkā]

[Reception in Laṅkā]

[Ven. Saṅghamittā and the Nunneries]


from Chapter XX. The Complete Emancipation of the Elders

[The Passing of Arahat Mahinda]

[The Passing of Arahat Saṅghamittā]

[The Passing of Other Elders]