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Patna Dharmapada

An edition of the Patna Dharmapada by Margaret Cone with parallels from the Pāli Dhammapada, a study of the prosody, an analysis of the metre and several indexes.

as transcribed by
Margaret Cone

Dr. Cone’s text has been reproduced with the kind consent of
The Pali Text Society, Oxford, England who retain the copyright


Pāḷi Parallels
Metrical Commentary
Notes and Indexes

compiled by
Ānandajoti Bhikkhu





Html Table of Contents

Margaret Cone’s Original Introduction



A Comparison of the Pāḷi and Patna Collections

The Prosody of the Patna Dharmapada



1: Jama

2: Apramāda

3: Brāhmaṇa

4: Bhikṣu

5: Attha

6: Śoka

7: Kalyāṇī

8: Puṣpa

9: Tahna

10: Mala

11: Bāla

12: Daṇḍa

13: Śaraṇa

14: Khānti

15: Āsava

16: Vācā

17: Ātta

18: Dadantī

19: Citta

20: Māgga


21: Sahasra

[22: Uraga]




Complete Word Index (hyperlinked)

First Line Index (hyperlinked)

Index of the Metres


Note to the Digital Edition

Dr. Cone’s text has been reproduced from the Journal of the Pali Text Society, Volume XIII (1989), pp. 101-217. I have reproduced Cone’s text as printed as close as possible, except for certain small changes which are listed here:

I am very grateful to Prof. K.R. Norman who sent a few small corrections to be made to the printed text. These include the accidental omission of a half-verse (145cd); and the repetition of a quarter-verse (149b).

* * *

In the presentation of the Pāḷi verses I have simplified the punctuation to bring it more into line with the way Patna is written. I have also occasionally corrected my original edition, based on considerations arising from preparing this comparative edition, and the new readings are included in this edition, and in the revised edition of The Dhammapada - A New Edition elsewhere on this website.

When I was unable to find a parallel in the Pāḷi texts I have tried to include one from the Udānavarga, but even so (as in the Pāḷi Dhammapada) a number of verses do not seem to have parallels existing outside of the tradition in which they were being passed down (cf. 118, 119, 120, 214, 285, 330, 367, 371).

There are two studies at the beginning of the work. The first compares the collection, organisation and arrangement of the Patna Dharmapada with the Pāḷi Dhammapada. The second gives a description of the metres that are employed in Patna.

At the end there are 3 indexes to make reference easier for those who wish to study the text. They include a complete word index, a first line index, and an index to the metres.



Dhp = The Dhammapada - A New Edition, Ānandajoti Bhikkhu, version 2.2, August 2007.
Iti = Itivuttakapāḷi, BJT edition.
Ud = Udānapāḷi, BJT edition.
Sn V = Pārāyanavagga - A New Edition, Ānandajoti Bhikkhu, 2003.

All other Pāḷi texts are quoted from the Sinhala-letter Buddha Jayantī Tripiṭaka Granthamālā (BJT) editions as reprinted in Colombo in 2005/6.

Ud-v = Udānavarga, edited by Franz Bernhard.