Khuddakapāṭha (KN 1)

The Pāli text of the Khuddakapāṭha (KN 1) which is a kind of handbook for novices, including some of the most famous discourses. Includes notes on variant readings, its grammar, prosody, and how the material has been collected, with an analysis of the metre of the verse texts.

A New Edition
Ānandajoti Bhikkhu





Html Table of Contents

Introduction & Analysis of the Metre


1: Saraṇagamanaṁ

2: Dasasikkhāpadaṁ

3: Dvattiṁsākāraṁ

4: Kumārapañhaṁ

5: Maṅgalasuttaṁ

6. Ratanasuttaṁ

7. Tirokuḍḍasuttaṁ

8. Nidhikaṇḍasuttaṁ

9. Mettasuttaṁ

First Line Index (hyperlinked)

Index of the Metres

Complete Word Index (hyperlinked)