Buddha Jayanti Tripitaka Series, Volume XXIV

Itivuttakapāḷi (KN 4)

The Pāli text of the Itivuttaka (KN 4) which has one-hundred and twelve discourses. Includes notes on variant readings, its grammar, prosody, and how the material has been collected, with an analysis of the metre of the verse texts.





Html Table of Contents (outline)


Ekakanipāto (suttas 1 - 27)

Dukanipato (suttas 28 - 49)

Tikanipāto (suttas 50 - 99)

Catukkanipāto (suttas 100 - 112)


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Complete Word Index (by BJT page number)

Index of First Lines

Index of the Metres

Html Table of Contents (detailed)


Ekakanipāto (suttas 1 - 27)

1: Lobhasuttaṁ
2: Dosasuttaṁ
3: Mohasuttaṁ
4: Kodhasuttaṁ
5: Makkhasuttaṁ
6: Mānasuttaṁ
7: Sabbapariññāsuttaṁ
8: Mānapariññāsuttaṁ
9: Lobhapariññāsuttaṁ
10: Dosapariññāsuttaṁ

11: Mohapariññāsuttaṁ
12: Kodhapariññāsuttaṁ
13: Makkhapariññāsuttaṁ
14: Avijjanīvaraṇasuttaṁ
15: Taṇhāsaṁyojanasuttaṁ
16: Paṭhamasekhasuttaṁ
17: Dutiyasekhasuttaṁ
18: Saṅghabhedasuttaṁ
19: Saṅghasāmaggisuttaṁ
20: Paduṭṭhapuggalasuttaṁ

21: Pasannacittasuttaṁ
22: Māpuññabhāyīsuttaṁ
23: Ubho-atthasuttaṁ
24: Aṭṭhipuñjasuttaṁ
25: Sampajānamusāvādasuttaṁ
26: Dānasaṁvibhāgasuttaṁ
27: Mettācetovimuttisuttaṁ

Dukanipato (suttas 28 - 49)

28: Paṭhamabhikkhusuttaṁ
29: Dutiyabhikkhusuttaṁ
30: Tapanīyasuttaṁ
31: Atapanīyasuttaṁ
32: Pāpakasīlasuttaṁ
33: Bhaddakasīlasuttaṁ
34: Anātāpīsuttaṁ
35: Paṭhamajanakuhanasuttaṁ
36: Dutiyajanakuhanasuttaṁ
37: Somanassasuttaṁ

38: Vitakkasuttaṁ
39: Desanāsuttaṁ
40: Vijjāsuttaṁ
41: Paññāparihānisuttaṁ
42: Sukkadhammasuttaṁ
43: Ajātasuttaṁ
44: Nibbānadhātusuttaṁ
45: Paṭisallānasuttaṁ
46: Sikkhānisaṁsasuttaṁ
47: Jāgariyasuttaṁ
48: Jāgariyasuttaṁ
49: Diṭṭhigatasuttaṁ

Tikanipāto (suttas 50 - 99)

50: Akusalamūlasuttaṁ
51: Dhātusuttaṁ
52: Paṭhamavedanāsuttaṁ
53: Dutiyavedanāsuttaṁ
54: Paṭhama-esanāsuttaṁ
55: Dutiya-esanāsuttaṁ
56: Paṭhama-āsavasuttaṁ
57: Dutiya-āsavasuttaṁ
58: Taṇhāsuttaṁ
59: Māradheyyasuttaṁ

60: Puññakiriyavatthusuttaṁ
61: Cakkhusuttaṁ
62: Indriyasuttaṁ
63: Addhāsuttaṁ
64: Duccaritasuttaṁ
65: Sucaritasuttaṁ
66: Soceyyasuttaṁ
67: Moneyyasuttaṁ
68: Paṭhamarāgasuttaṁ
69: Dutiyarāgasuttaṁ

70: Micchādiṭṭhikammasamādānasuttaṁ
71: Sammādiṭṭhikammasamādānasuttaṁ
72: Nissaraṇīyasuttaṁ
73: Santatarasuttaṁ
74: Puttasuttaṁ
75: Vuṭṭhisuttaṁ
76: Sukhapatthanāsuttaṁ
77: Bhidurasuttaṁ
78: Dhātusaṁsandanasuttaṁ
79: Parihānasuttaṁ

80: Vitakkasuttaṁ
81: Sakkārasuttaṁ
82: Devasaddasuttaṁ
83: Pubbanimittasuttaṁ
84: Bahujanahitasuttaṁ
85: Asubhānupassīsuttaṁ
86: Dhammānudhammapaṭipannasuttaṁ
87: Andhakaraṇasuttaṁ
88: Antarāmalasuttaṁ
89: Devadattasuttaṁ

90: Aggappasādasuttaṁ
91: Jīvikāsuttaṁ
92: Jīvikāsuttaṁ
93: Aggisuttaṁ
94: Upaparikkhasuttaṁ
95: Kāmuppattisuttaṁ
96: Kāmayogasuttaṁ
97: Kalyāṇasīlasuttaṁ
98: Dānasuttaṁ
99: Tevijjasuttaṁ

Catukkanipāto (suttas 100 - 112) 100: Brāhmaṇasuttaṁ
101: Caturanavajjasuttaṁ
102: Āsavakkhayasuttaṁ
103: Samaṇabrāhmaṇasuttaṁ
104: Sīlasampannasuttaṁ
105: Taṇhuppādasuttaṁ
106: Sabrahmakasuttaṁ
107: Bahukārasuttaṁ
108: Kuhasuttaṁ
109: Purisapiyarūpasuttaṁ
110: Carasuttaṁ
111: Sampannasīlasuttaṁ
112: Lokāvabodhasuttaṁ


Complete Word Index (by sutta number) (hyperlinked)

Complete Word Index (by BJT page number)

Index of First Lines

Index of the Metres

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Editor’s Preface

The text of Itivuttakapāḷi presented here is substantially a transliteration of the Sinhala version of the text as printed in the Buddha Jayanti Tripitaka Series, Volume XXIV. In preparing this edition the corrigenda (śuddhi patraya) as printed on page xxx-xxxi of that volume have been taken into account. Other corrections, made by the present editor while preparing this edition of the text, have been noted in the appropriate place.

In the original edition there were many cases where BJT was inconsistent in its use of punctuation, layout, and entering of notes. Here an attempt has been made to present a more standardized version of the text in this regard, but as the matter is trivial on the one hand, and extremely numerous on the other, these sort of changes have not normally been noted.

One change of this sort does need to be mentioned here, however: the original edition of Itivuttaka included paragraph numbers. On the one hand as most of the suttas are very short they hardly added anything useful to the text (and are not found in the PTS or ChS editions). On the other hand the way they were entered meant that normally the 1st verse in the sutta was preceded by number 2 (occassionally 3 or 4 etc.); and the 2nd verse by the number 3 etc. To avoid the confusion that this entails the paragraph numbers have been dropped, and verse numbers have been added instead.

For this edition the abbreviations in BJT have been interpreted as follows:

Sī = Palm leaf book

Mu = Printed book

Aṭṭhakathā or A = Commentary

Machasa or Ma = ChS (i.e. the Burmese Chaṭṭha Saṅgāyana edition)

Syā = Thai (i.e. the Royal Thai edition)

Kesuci potthakesu or Kesuci = In some books

Katthaci = Seen somewhere

Tālapaṇṇa kesuci = In some palm leaf books

Potthakesu na dissati = (This reading) not seen in some books

As can be seen a number of the abbreviations are rather vague, no indication is given as to which palm leaf books have been consulted, for instance, or exactly which edition of the commentary (though here we may assume it to be the Simon Hewavitarne Bequest Series edition).

The metrical markings have been entered above the verses, and a short commentary on the metre has been provided for those who are interested in such matters, and as a guide for editors who may wish to establish a better version of the text later on. The metre and variations are normally noted alongside the verse, but the normal form of the Siloka metre, being so numerous, has to be presumed when no further identification has been provided.

There are two complete word indexes to the text, one giving the BJT page number, and the other the sutta number. An index of the gāthā first lines and an index to the metres have also been compiled. This hopefully make reference much easier for those who wish to study the text.

Ānandajoti Bhikkhu
Sept 2001