Arahat Saṅghamittā’s Story
(from Extended Mahāvaṁsa V, XV, XVIII-XX)

An English translation of of texts which describe the journey made by Arahat Sanghamittā to bring the nuns’ order to Sri Lanka (with an embedded reading of the text).

edited by
G. P. Malalasekera
(1937 / 2481)

translated by
Ānandajoti Bhikkhu
(July, 2012 / 2556)




Html Table of Contents


from Chapter V. The Third Recital

[Saṅghamittā’s Birth]

[The Going-Forth of Saṅghamittā’s Uncle and Husband]

[Building the 84,000 Monasteries]

[The Going-Forth of Mahinda and Saṅghamittā]


from Chapter XV. The Acceptance of the Great Monastery

[The Great Cloud Monastery and Queen Anulā]


from Chapter XVIII. The Acquisition of the Great Wisdom Tree

[Requesting Ven. Saṅghamittā and the Bodhi Tree]

[Festivities for the Bodhi Tree]


from Chapter XIX. The Journey of the Great Bodhi Tree

[Ven. Saṅghamittā and the Bodhi Tree set out for Laṅkā]

[Reception in Laṅkā]

[Ven. Saṅghamittā and the Nunneries]


from Chapter XX. The Complete Emancipation of the Elders

[The Passing of Arahat Mahinda]

[The Passing of Arahat Saṅghamittā]

[The Passing of Other Elders]