a poem by
A. Christina Albers

A short and memorable poem in English describing the Life of the Buddha (with an embedded reading of the text).





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Html Table of Contents

Preface to this Edition

1: Kapilavastu

2: Lumbinī

3: Childhood

4: The Bride

5: The Four Signs

6: The Farewell

7: Buddha Gayā

8: The Awakening

9: The Deer Park

10: Kuśinārā


Preface to this Edition

I found this short and memorable retelling of the Buddha story in an obscure Volume in Honour of B.C. Law that was published by the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute in Poona, India in 1946.

I applied for copyright release from the Institute but had no reply. If anyone is claiming copyright on the work and doesn't want it published here please let me know and I will take it down immediately.

Ms. Albers was the author of numerous books and articles on both Buddhist and Hindu subjects. Amongst her other works I have found: Buddhist tales for children; Ancient tales of Hindustan; Ram-Sita, the Ramayana in verse; Yogmaya and other dramatic poems; and an article on Vaisakha.

I have made some very small corrections to the printed edition, mainly by way of punctuation which wasn't always clear, and one or two spellings mistakes. I also added a chapter title 8: The Awakening as it seemed to be needed, and added in chapter numbering.

Ms. Albers used a mixture of Sanskrit and Pali spellings with no clear line between them, I have therefore left them as they stand in the original.

Anandajoti Bhikkhu
January, 2011