Ja 92 The Story about the Rich Man

In the present the king of Kosala has one of his crown jewels go missing, and worries his whole household while searching for it. Ven. Ānanda, by a ruse, has the thief return the jewel anonymously. The Buddha tells a story of how in a previous life he had found a string of pearls a monkey had stolen, and retrieved them for the king (full story).

1. Ukkaṭṭhe sūram-icchanti; mantīsu akutūhalaṁ;
Piyañ-ca annapānamhi; atthe jāte ca paṇḍitan-ti.

In battle they wish for a hero; in advice for clarity; in food and drink for a friend; when need arises for a wise one.

In this connection, in battle, near both array of troops in the ongoing battle, Cst prints ubhatobyūḷhe, which doesn’t make sense. clash, this is the meaning.

They wish for a hero, when a bolt is falling on the head they wish for a fearless hero, at that time they would wish for such a warrior in battle.

In advice for clarity, at the time that consultation about the duties to be done or not done has arisen, he who, in advice, without commotion, without confusion, gives advice, that does not divide, that they wish for, such a one should be wished for in those circumstances.

In food and drink for a friend, when sweet food and drinks are prepared they wish for a dear person in order to enjoy it with, such a one at that time is to be wished for.

When need arises for a wise one, regarding the deep meaning, regarding the deep Dhamma, whenever arguments or questions have arisen, they wish for a wise, intelligent person. Therefore at that time such a quality it to be wished for.