Ja 114 The Story about the Thoughtful Fish

In the present two old monks procrastinate about going to see the Buddha. When he hears about it, the Buddha tells how a thoughtful fish saved his friends from certain death with his wisdom (full story).

1. Bahucintī Appacintī, ubho jāle abajjhare,
Mitacintī pamocesī, ubho tattha samāgatā ti.

Thoughtful and Thoughtless, both are caught up in the net, Measured Thought frees them, both of them assemble there.

In this connection, Thoughtful, because of thinking a lot, because of having a lot of thoughts, he received this name. The same method applies to the others.

Both of them assemble there means because of Measured Thought they received their lives, there, in the water both of them assembled together with Measured Thought, this is the meaning.