The Discourse to Prince Bodhi
Bodhirājakumārasuttaṁ (MN 85)

An English translation of the most extensive discourse in which the Buddha explains the path he took to Awakening, including his austere practices (with an embedded reading of the text).

translated by
Ānandajoti Bhikkhu
(Version 1.1, October, 2016 / 2560)




Html Table of Contents


1. The Invitation

2. At the Palace

3. The Meeting with Āḷāra Kālāma

4. The Meeting with Uddaka Rāmaputta

5. The Similes

6. Suppressing Thought and Breath

7. The Fasting

8. Finding the Right Path

9. The Story about Brahmā’s Request

10. Deciding Who to Teach

11. The Abstainer Upaka

12. The Meeting at Isipatana

13. All about Attainments