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Reference Section

A series of reference materials ranging from literature, art and geography to doctrinal lists, structural outlines and other works.


Basic Structure of the Pāḷi Tipiṭaka

Suttapiṭaka Index,
with links to Pāḷi Text and Translation(s)

Vinayapiṭaka Index,
with links to Pāḷi Text and Translation(s)

List of Pali Text Society (PTS) Publications,
with links to the Pali Text Society website

Canon and Commentaries

Beyond the Tipiṭaka

Three Alternate Divisions of the Buddha’s Words

Analysis of the Bhikkhu Pātimokkha

The Realms of Existence

Buddhist Dictionary of Ven. Nyanatiloka


Simple Buddhist-Christian Era Conversion

Days, Months and Seasons in Pāḷi

Buddhas, Bodhisatta and Disciples

The Buddhas and their Particulars

The Buddhas and our Bodhisatta

The Foremost and the Eighty Great Disciples

Known Nun Disciples of the Buddha


Geography of Early Buddhism
by Bimala Churn Law

The Theravāda Lineage
(Nikāya Saṅgrahaya)

On the Chronicles of Ceylon
Bimala Churn Law

A Summary of the Mahāvastu
Bimala Churn Law

The Beginnings of Buddhist Art
by A. Foucher

From the Living Fountains of Buddhism
Ananda W.P. Guruge

Literary History of Sanskrit Buddhism
J. K. Nariman


Beginnings of Indian Studies in Europe
J. K. Nariman

Treasure Trove of Ancient Literatures
J. K. Nariman

Buddhist Drama
Moriz Winternitz

Most Ancient Buddhist Records
Moriz Winternitz

The Introduction to the Jātaka Stories
T. W. Rhys Davids


The Four Noble Truths (Cattāri Ariyasaccāni)

The 37 Things on the Side of Awakening (Sattatiṁsa Bodhipakkhiyadhammā)

The Six Deep Knowledges (Cha Abhiññā)

Versions of Conditional Origination (Paṭiccasamuppādaṁ)

Thirty Things that Invariably Happen with the Buddhas