Dhamma Topics and their Analysis

A collection of classic passages from the Pāḷi texts with teachings about the doctrine, meditation, the factors of awakening, Abhidhamma and the Buddha.

text compiled from Pāḷi sources by
Ānandajoti Bhikkhu
(December, 2016/2560)




Html Table of Contents



1. The Three Marks

2. The Four Noble Truths

3. The Four Factors of a Stream-Enterer

4. The Five Components that provide Fuel for Attachment

5. The Six Elements

6. The Ten Types of Wholesome Deeds

7. The Twelve Factors of Conditional Origination



8. The Four Absorptions

9. The Four Formless Attainments

10. The Four Spiritual States

11. The Four Ways of Practice

12. The Four Cultivations of Meditation

13. The Ten Thoughts

14. The Sixteen Modes of Mindfulness while Breathing



15. The Four Ways of Attending to Mindfulness

16. The Four Right Endeavours

17. The Four Bases of Spiritual Power

18. The Five Faculties

19. The Five Strengths

20. The Seven Factors of Awakening

21. The Noble Eightfold Path



22. The Two (Aspects of) Sense Desires

23. The Three Thoughts

24. The Six Designations

25. The Seven Underlying Tendencies

26. The Twenty-Two Triads

27. The Twenty-Four Conditions

28. The Seventy-Three Knowledges



29. The Four Confidences

30. The Four Analytical Knowledges

31. The Ten Strengths of a Realised One

32. The Eighteen Qualities of a Buddha

33. The Thirty-Two Marks of a Great Man

34. The Sixty-Two Ways of Deportment

35. The Eighty Secondary Characteristics