Ja 4 Cūḷaseṭṭhijātaka
The Story about the Little Merchant

In the present the story is told of Mahāpanthaka and his brother, Cūḷapanthaka. The former, gaining faith, attained easily, while the latter struggled till he was directly guided by the Buddha himself. The Buddha then tells a story showing how, in a previous life, Cūḷlapanthaka had taken his advice and become rich beyond measure.

−⏑−⏑¦⏑−−−¦¦−⏑−⏑¦⏑−⏑− Siloka pathyā
1. Appakena pi medhāvī pābhatena vicakkhaṇo,
Even with little, an intelligent, skilled person, by means of an offering,

⏑−−−¦⏑−−−¦¦⏑−−−¦⏑−⏑− Siloka pathyā
Samuṭṭhāpeti attānaṁ, aṇuṁ aggiṁ va sandhaman-ti. PTS reads: aggīva santhaman-ti. I do not find santhama in the dictionaries.
Raises himself up, like a small fire that has been fanned (is raised up).

Tattha, {1.122} appakena pī ti thokena pi parittakena pi.
In this connection, even with a little means even with a little, even with a small amount.

Medhāvī ti paññavā.
An intelligent (person) means a wise (person).

Pābhatenā ti bhaṇḍamūlena.
By means of an offering means by (giving) wares or money.

Vicakkhaṇo ti vohārakusalo.
A skilled one means one skilled in business.

Samuṭṭhāpeti attānan-ti mahantaṁ dhanañ-ca yasañ-ca uppādetvā,
Raises himself up means having produced great wealth and fame,

tattha attānaṁ saṇṭhāpeti patiṭṭhāpeti.
he establishes, sets himself up there.

Yathā kiṁ?
Why is that?

Aṇuṁ aggiṁ va sandhamaṁ yathā
Like a small fire that has been fanned

paṇḍitapuriso parittaṁ aggiṁ anukkamena,
a wise person gradually (builds) a small fire,

gomayacuṇṇādīni pakkhipitvā, mukhavātena dhamanto,
having placed cow-dung and so on, and blowing with the mouth,

samuṭṭhāpeti vaḍḍheti mahantaṁ aggikkhandhaṁ karoti,
produces and develops a large bonfire,

evam-eva paṇḍito thokam-pi pābhataṁ labhitvā,
even so can a wise man, having received a present,

nānā-upāyehi payojetvā, dhanañ-ca yasañ-ca vaḍḍheti, {1.123}
engaging in various means, develop wealth and fame,

vaḍḍhetvā ca pana tattha attānaṁ patiṭṭhāpeti,
and having produced them can establish himself there,

tāya eva vā pana dhanayasamahantatāya attānaṁ samuṭṭhāpeti,
and through that great wealth and fame he establishes himself,

abhiññātaṁ pākaṭaṁ karotī, ti attho.
and makes (himself) well-known and famous, this is the meaning.