Ja 32 Naccajātaka
The Story about the Dance

In the present a rich man ordains in the Saṅgha, and makes sure he has all provisions for his life. When taken to the Buddha because of his indulgence he flings off his clothes in protest, and later disrobes. The Buddha tells a story of how the king of the birds allowed his daughter to choose a suitor. She chose a peacock, but when he danced for her, he exposed himself, and the king reprimanded him, and gave her to another.

⏑−⏑−¦−⏑⏑¦−⏑−− Tuṭṭhubha
1. Rudaṁ manuññaṁ, rucirā ca piṭṭhi,
A pleasing voice and a brilliant back,

−−⏑−¦−⏑⏑¦−⏑−− Tuṭṭhubha
Veḷuriyavaṇṇūpanibhā ca gīvā.
A neck coloured like lapis lazuli.

−⏑−¦−⏑⏑¦−⏑−− Tuṭṭhubha
Byāmamattāni ca pekhuṇāni:
Tail-feathers a fathom in length:

−−⏑−¦−⏑−¦−⏑−− Tuṭṭhubha
Naccena te dhītaraṁ no dadāmī ti.
Because of the dance, I don’t give you our daughter.

Tattha, {1.207} rudaṁ manuññan-ti,
In this connection, a pleasing voice,

ta-kārassa da-kāro kato, rutaṁ manāpaṁ,
substituting the letter -d- for -t-, a pleasing cry, Meaning the normal form is ruta, but here -d- has been substituted for -t-, giving ruda.

vassitasaddo madhuro, ti attho.
endowed with a sweet sound, this is the meaning.

Rucirā ca piṭṭhī ti piṭṭhi pi te citrā ceva sobhanā ca.
And a brilliant back means also his back is beautiful and radiant.

Veḷuriyavaṇṇūpanibhā ti veḷuriyamaṇivaṇṇasadisā.
Coloured like lapis lazuli means coloured like the lapis lazuli gem.

Byāmamattānī ti ekabyāmappamāṇāni.
A fathom in length means a measure of one fathom.

Pekhuṇānī ti piñchāni.
Tail-feathers means tail-feathers. Definition by synonym.

Naccena te dhītaraṁ no dadāmī ti,
Because of the dance, I don’t give you our daughter,

hirottappaṁ bhinditvā,
after destroying conscience and concern,

naccitabhāveneva te evarūpassa nillajjassa dhītaraṁ no dadāmī ti.
because of such a shameless dance I do not give you our daughter.