Ja 52 Cūḷajanakajātaka
The Short Story about (King) Janaka

In the present a monk has given up his efforts. The Buddha tells the story of how when he was lost at sea, he persevered and eventually was rescued by a Devatā and made it to land.

−⏑−−¦⏑⏑⏑−¦¦⏑−−−¦⏑−⏑− Siloka navipulā
1. Vāyametheva puriso, na nibbindeyya paṇḍito,
A person must make an effort, the wise one should not be weary,

−−⏑−¦−−−−¦¦⏑⏑−⏑¦⏑−⏑− Siloka mavipulā
Passāmi vohaṁ attānaṁ udakā thalam-ubbhatan-ti.
I see myself as one who lifted myself from water to land.

Tattha, {1.268} vāyamethevā ti vāyāmaṁ karotheva.
In this connection, must make an effort means must make an effort.

Udakā thalamubbhatan-ti
From water to land means

udakato thalam-uttiṇṇaṁ, thale patiṭṭhitaṁ attānaṁ passāmī ti.
having emerged from the water onto land, I see myself standing on land.