Ja 91 Littajātaka
The Story about what is Smeared (with Posion)

In the present the monks are not thoughtful about the use of their requisites, which the Buddha compares to taking poison. The Buddha then tells a story about a gambler in the past who would hide dice in his mouth, until one of the dice was covered with poison, which cured him of his deceit.

−−⏑⏑¦−⏑−⏑− Vetālīya
1. Littaṁ paramena tejasā,
The person, not knowing, swallowed

⏑⏑−−⏑⏑¦−⏑−⏑− Vetālīya
Gilam-akkhaṁ puriso na bujjhati,
Dice smeared with powerful poison,

⏑⏑−⏑⏑¦−⏑−⏑− Vetālīya
Gila re gila pāpadhuttaka,
Swallow, swallow, wicked gambler,

−−−⏑⏑¦−⏑−⏑− Vetālīya
Pacchā te kaṭukaṁ bhavissatī ti.
Later there will be pain for you.

Tattha, {1.380} littan-ti makkhitaṁ rañjitaṁ.
In this connection, smeared means soiled, stained.

Paramena tejasā ti uttamatejasampannena, halāhalavisena.
With powerful means endowed with supreme poison, with deadly poison.

Gilan-ti gilanto.
Swallowing means swallowing. Different form of same word.

Akkhan-ti guḷakaṁ.
Dice means a small cube.

Na bujjhatī ti: “Ayaṁ me gilato, idaṁ nāma karissatī” ti, na jānāti.
Not understanding: “My swallowing this, will produce such (a result),” he does not know.

Gila re ti gilāhi are.
Swallow means you must indeed swallow.

Gilā ti, puna pi codento vadati.
Swallow, it is said again to scold (him).

Pacchā te kaṭukaṁ bhavissatī ti
Later there will be pain for you means

imasmiṁ te akkhe gilite, pacchā etaṁ visaṁ tikhiṇaṁ bhavissatī, ti attho.
having swallowed this dice, later for you there will be acute poisoning, this is the meaning.