Ja 115 Anusāsikajātaka
The Story about One who gave Warnings

In the present one greedy nun receives dainties from a certain quarter of town, and warns the other nuns off from that area, telling them how dangerous it is. One day a ram breaks her leg on the alms round. The Buddha tells how she was a bird called Sāsikā in the past who employed a similar tactic, and was cut in two.

−−⏑⏑¦⏑−⏑−¦¦⏑−−−¦⏑−⏑− Siloka javipulā
1. Yā-y-aññam-anusāsati,
Cst reads: Yā-y-aññe manusāsati, which would seem to present a new verb. I follow PTS. sayaṁ loluppacārinī,
She who gave advice to others, lived in a greedy way herself,

−−⏑−¦¦⏑−−−¦⏑−−−¦⏑−⏑− Siloka pathyā
Sāyaṁ vipakkhikā seti hatā cakkena Sāsikā ti.
Staying (there) Sāsikā, with her wings destroyed, was killed by the wheel.

Tattha, {1.430} yā-y-aññam-anusāsatī ti
In this connection, she who gave advice to others,

yakāro padasandhikaro,
the letter -y- makes the word junction,

yā aññe anusāsatī, ti attho.
she gave advice to others, Thius the same sentence, but without the -y- junction. this is the meaning.

Sayaṁ loluppacārinī ti attanā loluppacārinī samānā.
Lived in a greedy way herself means she was herself living in a greedy way.

Sāyaṁ vipakkhikā setī ti,
Staying … with her wings destroyed,

sā esā vihatapakkhā hutvā, mahāmagge sayati.
she had her wings destroyed, while staying on the highway.

Hatā cakkena sāsikā ti yānacakkena hatā Sāsikā sakuṇikā ti.
Sāsikā … was killed by the wheel means the female bird Sāsikā was killed by the vehicle’s wheel.