Ja 129 Aggikajātaka
The Story about (the Brahmin) Aggika

In the present one monk shows himself a deceitful person. The Buddha tells the story of a jackal called Aggika who tricked the rat population and ate them up one by one till he was discovered.

−−⏑−¦−⏑−−¦¦−⏑−⏑¦⏑−⏑− Siloka ravipulā
1. Nāyaṁ sikhā puññahetu, ghāsahetu ayaṁ sikhā,
That topknot is not caused by merit, that topknot was caused by food,

−−⏑⏑¦⏑−−−¦¦⏑−−−¦⏑−⏑− Siloka pathyā
Nāṅguṭṭhagaṇanaṁ yāti, alaṁ te hotu aggikā ti!
The finger-count does not proceed (well), enough of you, Aggika!

Tattha, {1.462} nāguṭṭhigaṇanaṁ yātī ti,
In this connection, the finger-count does not proceed (well),

Aṅguṭṭhigaṇanā, ti aṅguṭṭhagaṇanā vuccati,
finger count, finger counting Literally it seems to be thumb-counting, but presumably in this meaning. is said,

ayaṁ mūsikagaṇo aṅguṭṭhagaṇanaṁ na gacchati na upeti na pūreti,
finger counting of this pack of rats does not go (well), does not come, does not fulfil,

parikkhayaṁ gacchatī, ti attho.
it is going to destruction, this is the meaning.

Alaṁ te hotu Aggikā! ti siṅgālaṁ nāmena ālapanto āha.
Enough of you, Aggika! He speaks calling to the jackal by name.

Ettāvatā te alaṁ hotu, na ito paraṁ mūsike khādissasi.
This is sufficient for you, from here on do not eat the rats.

Amhehi vā tayā saddhiṁ saṁvāso alaṁ hotu,
This is enough of our living together with you,

na mayaṁ idāni tayā saddhiṁ vasissāmā, ti pi attho.
now we will not dwell together with you, this is also the meaning.

Sesaṁ purimasadisam-eva.
The rest is the same as before. This is not very clear. It seems to suggest that the first two lines have been commented on previously, but this is not the case in the edition we have now.