Ja 132 Pañcagarujātaka
The Story about the Five Teachers

In the present the monks discuss how the Buddha had resisted the daughters of Māra. The Buddha tells how he resisted a host of Yakkhinis in the past and thereby gained a kingdom.

⏑⏑−⏑−¦−⏑⏑¦−⏑−⏑− Jagatī
1. Kusalūpadese dhitiyā daḷhāya ca,
Skilful advice, with firm resolution,

⏑⏑−⏑−¦−⏑⏑¦−⏑−⏑− Jagatī
Anivattitattā bhayabhīrutāya ca,
Without turning back through fear and through fright,

⏑−⏑−¦−⏑⏑¦−⏑−⏑− Jagatī
Na Rakkhasīnaṁ vasam-āgamimhase,
We came not under Rakkhasis’ control,

⏑−⏑−¦−⏑⏑¦−⏑−⏑− Jagatī
Sa sotthibhāvo mahatā bhayena me ti.
I found a state of safety from great fear.

Tattha, {1.470} kusalūpadese ti kusalānaṁ upadese,
In this connection, skilful advice means the advice of the skilful,

Paccekabuddhānaṁ ovāde, ti attho.
the advice of the Independent Buddhas, this is the meaning.

Dhitiyā daḷhāya cā ti daḷhāya dhitiyā ca,
With firm resolution means with resolution firm,

thirena abbocchinnanirantaravīriyena cā ti attho.
with solid, unbroken, continuous energy, this is the meaning.

Anivattitattā bhayabhīrutāya cā ti,
Without turning back through fear and through fright,

bhayabhīrutāya anivattitatāya ca.
without turning back through fear and through fright.

Tattha, bhayan-ti cittutrāsamattaṁ parittabhayaṁ.
In this connection, fear means a measure of dread in the mind, a little fear.

Bhīrutā ti sarīrakampanappattaṁ mahābhayaṁ.
Fright means when the body is shaking (because of) great fear.

Idaṁ ubhayam-pi Mahāsattassa:
The Great Being had both, thinking:

“Yakkhiniyo nāmetā manussakhādikā” ti,
“Those known as Yakkhinis eat humans,”

bheravārammaṇaṁ disvā pi, nāhosi.
though seeing the object of fright, there was none.

Tenāha: anivattitattā bhayabhīrutāya cā ti.
With this he said: without turning back through fear and through fright.

Bhayabhīrutāya abhāveneva
Through the disappearance of fear and fright

bheravārammaṇaṁ disvā pi anivattanabhāvenā, ti attho.
having seen the object of fright, but without turning back, this is the meaning.

Na Rakkhasīnaṁ vasam-āgamimhase ti
We came not under Rakkhasis’ control,

Yakkhakantāre tāsaṁ Rakkhasīnaṁ vasaṁ na agamimha.
in the Yakkha wilderness we came not under the control of these Rakkhasis.

Yasmā amhākaṁ kusalūpadese dhiti ca daḷhā ahosi,
Since our skilful advice has firm resolution,

bhayabhīrutābhāvena ca anivattanasabhāvā ahumhā,
we were of the nature to not turn back through of a lack of fear and fright,

tasmā Rakkhasīnaṁ {1.471} vasaṁ na agamimhā, ti vuttaṁ hoti.
therefore we did not come under the Rakkhasis’ control, this is what is said.

Sa sotthibhāvo mahatā bhayena me ti,
I found a state of safety from great fear,

so mayhaṁ ayaṁ ajja mahatā bhayena Rakkhasīnaṁ santikā,
for me today from this great fear in the presence of the Rakkhasis,

pattabbena dukkhadomanassena,
through what could be reached, through suffering and sorrow,

sotthibhāvo khemabhāvo pītisomanassabhāvo yeva jāto ti.
a state of safety, security, joy and happiness was born.