Ja 143 Virocanajātaka
The Story about Shining Forth

In the present Devadatta makes himself out a Buddha, but loses all his disciples in a stroke. The Buddha tells a story of how a jackal wanted to emulate a lion and soon came to destruction.

⏑−⏑−¦−⏑⏑−¦¦−⏑−⏑¦⏑−⏑− Siloka bhavipulā
1. Lasī ca te nipphalitā, matthako ca padālito,
Your brains are split open, and your head is smashed in,

−−−−¦⏑−−−¦¦−⏑−−¦⏑−⏑− Siloka pathyā
Sabbā te phāsukā bhaggā, ajja kho tvaṁ virocasī ti.
All your ribs are broken, today you did shine forth.

Tattha, {1.493} lasī ti matthaluṅgaṁ.
In this connection, brains means brains. The normal word for brain is matthaluṅga, I think lasi in this meaning is only found in this verse.

Nipphalitā ti nikkhantā.
Split open means gone out (of the head).