Kāyagatāsatisuttaṁ (MN 119)
The Discourse about Mindfulness related to the Body

A Pāli and English line by line (interlinear) version of this important discourse about the development of various meditations related to the body (together with extensive annotation).

edited and translated by
Ānandajoti Bhikkhu

(November 2008)





Html Table of Contents

The Setting

Mindfulness while Breathing

The Postures

Full Awareness

Applying the Mind to Repulsiveness

Applying the Mind to the Elements

The First Charnel Ground

The Second Charnel Ground

The Third Charnel Ground

The Fourth Charnel Ground

The Fifth Charnel Ground

The Sixth Charnel Ground

The Seventh Charnel Ground

The Eighth Charnel Ground

The Ninth Charnel Ground

The First Absorption

The Second Absorption

The Third Absorption

The Fourth Absorption

The Similies

The Ten Advantages of Practising Mindfulness related to the Body



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Thai: Thai edition, as found on Budsir for Windows CD-ROM (version 2.0, Bangkok, 1996).

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Ānandajoti Bhikkhu
November 2008