14: Candaparittaṁ
The Moon’s Safeguard

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Introductory Verse

Rāhunā PPV, PPV2: Rāhuno. gahito Cando, mutto yassānubhāvato,
The Moon, who was seized by Rāhu, was released by that (safeguard’s) power,

sabbaveribhayaṁ nāsaṁ parittaṁ taṁ bhaṇāmahe.
the destruction of fear of all foes we will recite that safeguard.

The Safeguard

Evaṁ me sutaṁ:
Thus I have heard:

ekaṁ samayaṁ Bhagavā Sāvatthiyaṁ viharati
at one time the Fortunate One was dwelling near Sāvatthī

Jetavane Anāthapiṇḍikassa ārāme.
at Anāthapiṇḍika’s grounds in Jeta’s Wood.

Tena kho pana samayena Candimā devaputto
Then at that time the Moon god

Rāhunā asurindena gahito hoti.
was seized by the asura lord Rāhu.

Atha kho Candimā devaputto Bhagavantaṁ anussaramāno,
Then the Moon god, recollecting the Fortunate One,

tāyaṁ velāyaṁ imaṁ gāthaṁ abhāsi:
on that occasion recited this verse:


“Namo te Buddhavīratthu, vippamuttosi sabbadhi! PPV: sabbadhī.
“Reverence to you, Buddha-hero, you who are free in every way!

Sambādhapaṭipannosmi tassa me saraṇaṁ bhavā” ti.
I am being obstructed therefore please be a refuge to me.”


Atha kho Bhagavā Candimaṁ devaputtaṁ ārabbha
Then, with reference to the Moon god, the Fortunate One

Rāhuṁ asurindaṁ gāthāya ajjhabhāsi: [01]
addressed the asura lord Rāhu with a verse:


“Tathāgataṁ Arahantaṁ, Candimā saraṇaṁ gato,
“To the Realised One, the Worthy One, the Moon has gone for refuge,

Rāhu Candaṁ pamuñcassu! Buddhā lokānukampakā” ti. [02]
you must release the Moon, Rāhu! (For) the Buddhas pity the world.”


Atha kho Rāhu asurindo Candimaṁ devaputtaṁ muñcitvā,
Then the asura lord Rāhu, having released the Moon god,

taramānarūpo yena Vepacitti asurindo tenupasaṅkami,
hurriedly approached the asura lord Vepacitti,

upasaṅkamitvā saṁviggo lomahaṭṭhajāto, ekam-antaṁ aṭṭhāsi.
and after approaching, anxious, and horrified, he stood on one side.

Ekam-antaṁ ṭhitaṁ kho Rāhuṁ asurindaṁ Vepacitti asurindo gāthāya ajjhabhāsi:
While he was standing on one side the asura lord Vepacitti recited this verse to the asura lord Rāhu:


“Kin-nu santaramāno va Rāhu Candaṁ pamuñcasi?
“Why did you so hurriedly release the Moon god, Rāhu?

Saṁviggarūpo āgamma kin-nu bhīto va tiṭṭhasī?” ti. [03]
After coming (here) why do you stand (there) like someone anxious and frightened?”


“Sattadhā me phale muddhā, jīvanto na sukhaṁ labhe,
“My head will split into seven, while living I will have no happiness,

- Buddhagāthābhigītomhi - no ce muñceyya Candiman”-ti. [04]
- I am one to whom the Buddha has chanted a verse - if I do not release the Moon.”