10. Vaṭṭakaparittaṁ
The Discourse about the Quail

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Introductory Verses

Pūrentaṁ Bodhisambhāre nibbattaṁ vaṭṭakajātiyaṁ,
While fulfilling the conditions for Awakening he was born as a kind of quail,

yassa tejena dāvaggi Mahāsattaṁ vivajjayi.
and through his spiritual power the Great Being avoided the forest-fire.

Therassa Sāriputtassa Lokanāthena bhāsitaṁ,
This was spoken by the Lord of the World to the Elder Sāriputta,

Kappaṭṭhāyimahātejaṁ: parittaṁ taṁ bhaṇamahe.
it has great power for a world-cycle: we will recite that safeguard.


The Safeguard

Atthi loke sīlaguṇo saccaṁ soceyyanuddayā,
There is in the world virtue, truth, purity and empathy,

tena saccena kāhāmi, saccakiriyam-uttamaṁ. [01]
by the truth of that I will make an asseveration of supreme truth.

Āvajjetvā Dhammabalaṁ, saritvā pubbake Jine,
After reflecting on the strength of the Dhamma, and recalling the former Victors,

saccabalam-avassāya, saccakiriyam-akāsahaṁ: [02]
relying on the strength of truth, I made an asseveration of truth:

“Santi pakkhā apatanā, santi pādā avañcanā,
“There are wings which fly not, there are feet which walk not,

Mātāpitā ca nikkhantā, Jātaveda, paṭikkama!” [03]
Mother and Father have gone out, Fire, please depart!”

Sahasaccakate mayhaṁ, mahāpajjalito sikhī
This (asseveration) was made by me with truth, and the great blazing fire

vajjesi soḷasakarīsāni, udakaṁ patvā yathā sikhī,
avoided (this area for) sixteen measures, like fire after reaching water,

saccena me samo natthi, esā me saccapāramī! [04]
there is no one my equal for truth, such is my perfection of truth!

Etena saccavajjena sotthi te hotu sabbadā!
By this declaration of the truth may you be safe at all times!