A Comparative Table of the Metres
found in
Chandaḥśāstra, Vttaratnākara, & Vuttodaya

A comparative table of the metres found in three seminal texts in the Sanskrit and Pāli traditions, showing how these texts relate to each other.


compiled by
Ānandajoti Bhikkhu
(January, 2004)





Html Table of Contents

 1: Vaktra

2: Samavtta

3: Ardhasamavtta

4: Viṣamavtta

5: Gaṇacchandas

6: Mātrācchandas

Index of the Metres



This comparative table of the metres found in Chandaḥśāstra, Vttaratnākara, & Vuttodaya, has been complied as part of the on-going Vuttodaya project. The texts that have been used are as published elsewhere on this website.

The variant metres which are so abundant in the edition of Vttaratnākara have been included here, though they are placed in brackets to distinguish them from the more authentic metres belonging to that text.

I have also compiled a complete index of the metres, including the variant metres and the variant names which are only otherwise found in the footnotes, which should be of assistance to anyone searching for the description of a particular metre.

Ānandajoti Bhikkhu
January 2004