A New Edition together with A Study of its Metre

A new edition and metrical analysis of one of the oldest and most important texts in the Pāli tradition.

Ānandajoti Bhikkhu
(2nd Revised Edition 2011/2555)




Html Table of Contents

Introduction to the Text

Preliminary Considerations





1: Ajitamāṇavapucchā

2: Tissametteyyamāṇavapucchā

3: Puṇṇakamāṇavapucchā

4: Mettagūmāṇavapucchā

5: Dhotakamāṇavapucchā

6: Upasīvamāṇavapucchā

7: Nandamāṇavapucchā

8: Hemakamāṇavapucchā

9: Todeyyamāṇavapucchā

10: Kappamāṇavapucchā

11: Jatukaṇṇīmāṇavapucchā

12: Bhadrāvudhamāṇavapucchā

13: Udayamāṇavapucchā

14: Posālamāṇavapucchā

15: Mogharājamāṇavapucchā

16: Piṅgiyamāṇavapucchā



Main Word Index

Complete Line Index

Shared Line Index

* * *


2nd Revised Edition

While making the audio recording of this text in March 2011 I noticed that there had been information loss in the html files and that some confusion had crept in. When this has happened I am not sure, but as I had to restore them, at the same time I have taken the opportunity to correct part of the analysis based on my improved understanding of the prosody. The corrections are, in fact, quite minor and the conclusions I came to when preparing this text originally are unaffected.

I have also improved the indexes and and in the .htm files hyperlinked them back to the text to make comparison and navigation easier.



As with my Outline of the Metres in the Pāḷi Canon, I have been greatly helped in preparing this work by Ven. Medhaṅkara, who went through the whole text in detail, and made many corrections and useful suggestions; and also added many references to the Introductory material. The work is so much the better for his patient help.