Dhammapada (KN 2)

A new edition of the Pāli text of the Dhammapada (KN 2) which is the most famous and oft-quoted book in the Buddhist tradition. Includes notes on variant readings, its grammar, prosody, and how the material has been collected, with an analysis of the metre of the verse texts, together with a reading of the text.

A New Edition

edited by

Ānandajoti Bhikkhu
(version 2.3, June 2016)





Html Table of Contents

The Prosody of the Dhammapada

1. Yamakavaggo

2. Appamādavaggo

3. Cittavaggo

4. Pupphavaggo

5. Bālavaggo

6. Paṇḍitavaggo

7. Arahantavaggo

8. Sahassavaggo

9. Pāpavaggo

10. Daṇḍavaggo

11. Jarāvaggo

12. Attavaggo

13. Lokavaggo

14. Buddhavaggo

15. Sukhavaggo

16. Piyavaggo

17. Kodhavaggo

18. Malavaggo

19. Dhammaṭṭhavaggo

20. Maggavaggo

21. Pakiṇṇakavaggo

22. Nirayavaggo

23. Nāgavaggo

24. Taṇhāvaggo

25. Bhikkhuvaggo

26. Brāhmaṇavaggo


Word Index (hyperlinked)

Line Index (hyperlinked)

Index of the Metres



The original edition of this text and study was made around 2002, though I didn't date it at the time. A slightly revised version was made in February, 2005 while preparing the .pdf version of the file to reflect my current thinking about the use of titles in Pāḷi. I also slightly revised the statistics in the study to bring them in line with the presentation in the Comparative Edition of the Dhammapada; and I once again revised the work in August/September, 2007 during the preparation of the Patna Dharmapada together with the Pāḷi parallels.

Anandajoti Bhikkhu,
September, 2007